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A story that was impressed by the softness of the salt koji pickles of the 50th anniversary commemorative product

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Hello! This is Sasaki from the Tokyo sales office.
It's summer-like heat in Tokyo, and I'm getting tired of the summer...

Well, the other day I returned to the Iwate head office for the first time in a while,
All the members of the sales department made salted rice malt pickles, a 50th anniversary commemorative product.
I had a chance to sample.

At the tasting party of the sales department members, everyone is from the customer's point of view
It is also a place to exchange opinions.
It was a gem that far exceeded my expectations...!

First, from the frying pan at the cooking stage
The fragrant smell fills you up and whet your appetite!
The texture of Tategamori Kogen pork is softer and more moist due to the fermentation of salt koji.
It matches the umami of koji very well!
White rice goes well with exquisite seasoning.

Without hardening even after time passes,
Because it had a moist texture,
It's a perfect side dish for lunch boxes.

Of course farm market
It's also on sale at the online shop, so please try it!

Koudai Sasaki, Sales Department


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