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Original herbal tea introduction

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It snowed heavily today, and the Tategamori Ark Ranch was covered in a blanket of pure white.
The view of the vivid pastures in spring and summer when the flowers are in full bloom is also wonderful.
The pure white shining pasture that can only be seen in winter is also very nice.

Admission is free during the winter, as the ranch is off season.
Therefore, anyone can enter.
Please feel free to visit us, and please be careful of the snowy roads and come safely.

Well, this time I would like to introduce the original herbal tea of Tategamori Ark Ranch!
At Tategamori Ark Ranch, from December 4th (Sat) at the farm market store,
We are selling a new product ranch original herbal tea [Wrapped in kindness].

〇 Enveloped in kindness [Healing Blend]
・Ingredients: German chamomile, lemon verbena
・ Contents 1.5g x 10 packets
・Price 864 yen (tax included)

​​​​​​★Made from farm-grown German chamomile and lemon verbena without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides
Original herbal tea.
German chamomile is a representative herb that relaxes the mind and body and has a high sedative effect.
Relieves fatigue and tension caused by stress.
Lemon verbena is also a relaxing herb with a pleasant lemon scent.
The original blend makes it even easier to drink.
Since it contains no caffeine, it is safe for children and pregnant women to drink.
Why don't you drink one cup before going to bed?

In addition to this, we sell 5 original herbal teas at the farm market store!

〇 Grassland Wind [Refresh Blend]
・Ingredients: organic peppermint, organic lemongrass, organic lemon balm
・ Contents 2g x 10 packets
・Price 864 yen (tax included)
★Very easy to drink, recommended for those who drink herbal tea for the first time! ! A gentle blend for the stomach.
It is also recommended for people with sinusitis.

〇 Yuka [Anti-Aging Blend]
・Ingredients: Organic lemongrass, organic rosehip, organic hibiscus, organic rosemary,
organic peppermint
・ Contents 2g x 10 packets
・Price 864 yen (tax included)
★ Herbal tea with a cute red-pink appearance♪
Rosemary is said to rejuvenate the brain and skin.

〇 With you in those days [Beauty Skin Blend]
・Ingredients: Organic rosehip, organic hibiscus, organic lemon verbena
・ Contents 2g x 10 packets
・Price 864 yen (tax included)
★This herbal tea is also bright reddish pink♪
Full of vitamin C and recommended for women! Of course I would be happy if men could drink it too ~.

〇 Amber Dream [Good Night Blend]
・Ingredients: Organic German chamomile, organic rose petal, organic peppermint, organic lavender
・ Contents 1.5g x 10 packets
・Price 864 yen (tax included)
★Recommended for when you want to take a break, when you're tired, or before going to bed!

〇 Healing Garden [Relax Blend]
・Ingredients: Organic German chamomile, organic linden, organic lemon verbena
・ Contents 1.5g x 10 packets
・Price 864 yen (tax included)
★This herbal tea is recommended when your body and mind are tired!
Make sure to have a cup of this when you take a break from studying or working~♪

Including the new product [Wrapped in kindness],
Each herbal tea can be purchased at Tategamori Ark Ranch Farm Market! !

We also offer it at Welcome House Kinomi and Restaurant Tills.
Welcome House Kinomi sells daily herbal tea for 300 yen (tax included).

Ice herbal tea in the thirsty warm season,
We sell hot herb tea throughout the year to warm your body and soul during the cold season.
By all means, try the original herbal tea with soft serve ice cream, grilled sausages, steamed pork buns, etc.
I hope you enjoy it! !

At Restaurant Til's, we use Tategamori highland pork, chemical fertilizers, and farm vegetables that do not use pesticides.
We offer an exquisite buffet unique to ARK Ranch. Besides delicious food,
You can also use the herbal tea introduced earlier, so if you come to Restaurant Tills,
I hope you enjoy it slowly!
It's fun to try to find the herbal tea that suits you.

Spend this winter warming your mind and body with the farm's original herbal tea.
Please enjoy various herbal teas♪

Production Sales Department Hoshiraimu

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