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How about a cold egg?

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Have you ever heard the word "Kanjo"?

In the twenty-four solar terms, which divides the year into 24 equal parts and names the seasons,
The coldest period is "cold".
Eggs laid in this coldest seasoncold eggcalled and has been prized since ancient times.
cold eggIt is very popular because it is particularly nutritious and is said to bring good luck with money in feng shui.

The coldest day is called "great cold",
The eggs laid on that day are called “great cold eggs”.
This year's ′′ cold weather ′′ is January 20th.

At Tategamori Ark Ranch, we have freshly harvested eggs on the storefront,
Mail order is also possible, so please check it out.

Tategamori Ark Ranch Farming Department

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