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A simple recipe with Tategamori Kogen Pork White Motu Boil! !

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Well, today we are selling frozen products at the Farm Market Market.
Made with 300g of Tategamori Kogen pork white offal boiled meat, it goes well with sake.
I would like to introduce two easy recipes.
First dish, sweet and spicy stir-fried offal!

White offal boil 200g
A clove of garlic
◎One tablespoon of soy sauce
◎Two tablespoons of sake
◎One tablespoon of sugar
◎One tablespoon of ketchup
Shichimi, green onion to taste

[How to make]
① In a frying pan, fry the rubbed garlic and white giblets well.
Add all ②◎ and stir-fry.
Garnish with shichimi and green onions if you like and it's done.
(Even if you add chives and bean sprouts) Atsunori Onodera, Manufacturing and Sales Department

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