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New product "Tategamori Kogen Old-fashioned Egg Soup" ~For those who want to enjoy 100%~

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My name is Yutaka Iwatani from the Marketing Department.

This time, we will talk about the new product “Tategamori Kougen Mukashi Tamago Soup”, which was released on November 20th.
I would like to introduce you.

As a feature of "Tategamori Kogen Egg Soup",
・The eggs used as the main ingredient are free-range eggs from pastures (outside grazing depending on the season) and fertilized old-fashioned eggs.
・Glass soup is a homemade soup made by simmering the whole parent bird that laid eggs for a long time.
・We are also particular about the ingredients, and because we do not use any additives or chemical seasonings, it has a light taste that is gentle on the body.
⇒You can enjoy it with confidence from small children to the elderly.

As stated in the title, I tried several patterns of how to eat,
I hope you can see it!


First, let's look at the box.
(10 pieces included)

As for the size, it is about the same size as "Tategamori Kogen Castella with plenty of old eggs".
on the side of the box,

There is a description of how to eat.
Dry with hot water!
It's freeze-dried, so you can enjoy it very easily.

When I opened the box,

They were aligned vertically.

Various [instructions] of how to eat are enclosed.

This time, I went against the [instruction book] and tried to eat it independently.

At first, just dissolve it in hot water and it will be completed in 1 minute.

Old-fashioned eggs, spinach and shiitake mushrooms.
As an impression that I received as it is,
"As expected, it's a gentle seasoning."
The flavor of glass soup drifts slightly.

That's it!
Does it match with that?

Lightly toasted bread "Butter Top" representing Tategamori Ark Ranch
I soaked it and tried it.

It goes well with the butter top, which has a good scent of wheat.
It feels like the breakfast!

Next is

I served it with rice.
(Brown rice is brown rice)

here ↓

Do you feel like Ochazuke style?
Needless to say, the compatibility of eggs and rice is
The flavor of the glass soup aroused my appetite, and I ate it with my chopsticks.

I'm getting closer to full stomach.
I want to add ingredients at the end and eat it, so I think

・Green onion (chopped)
・Salt and pepper

to the pot,

The completed

Completion of my style Chinese-style soup!

The crunchy texture of green onions and the deepening flavor of wakame seaweed
It turns into a little luxurious soup!
It's no longer instant, it's "cooking".
I think it turned out to be enough soup for dinner.

However, if I had sesame oil at home, I would definitely put it in. . .


"Tategamori Plateau Egg Soup" makes you want to arrange various things like this.
There are 10 different ways to enjoy it!
Why don't you buy it!!

*Currently only available at Farm Market. note that.

Yutaka Iwatani

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