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About pork spare ribs

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As October comes to an end, the mornings and evenings are getting colder, and we are beginning to feel autumn deepening.

Today I would like to introduce you to pork spare ribs.
To put it simply, pork spare ribs are pork belly with bones.
Ribs and the meat surrounding them have a moderate amount of fat and are used in yakiniku and stew dishes.

In addition to thick spareribs, Farm Market sells ``grill style'' meat, which cuts the thickness in half and makes notches to make it easier to fry in a frying pan at home, and cuts the length by half to one-third to make it easier to use in stews. We also sell ``bite cuts'' that are cut into small pieces.
We can also cut it to your desired size, so please ask a staff member when you come to the farm market.

*Thick spare ribs

*half cut

*Grill style

館ヶ森アーク牧場 豚スペアリブ トマト煮込み 岩

This season, when the temperature is getting colder, you can use it in stew dishes, etc., so please try it.

Manufacturing and Sales Department Tsuyoshi Iwasaki

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