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freshly caught autumn vegetables

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hello everyone
Late autumn has arrived, with the temperature dropping significantly in the mornings and evenings, and the wind of fallen leaves making you feel chilly.
This time, I would like to introduce the seasonal farm-grown vegetables used at Restaurant Til's.

Chayote is a green melon vegetable with a lot of water and a crunchy texture.
It goes perfectly with stir-fried pork, and can also be used in salads when rubbed with salt.

This is a salad using two types of sweet potatoes: Beni Azuma and Beni Kirara.
Benikirara is orange in color, rare variety, and available only this season.

We also incorporate freshly harvested ginger, green radish, and red radish into our vegetable menu.
Please come and enjoy the seasonal vegetables at Restaurant Till's.
Restaurant Till's Satomi Kikuchi

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