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1st anniversary of organic restaurant

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September 23rd marks the one year anniversary of the natural food restaurant Till's being certified as an organic restaurant.
What exactly is an organic restaurant? For those who think so, here is a simple explanation.
A restaurant that has been certified by a third party as a restaurant that serves dishes made with organically grown ingredients that do not use chemical fertilizers or

Even now, our store is the only one in Tohoku and only 17 stores in Japan are certified.
The certification stipulates that ``menu items must include 5 or more items that use 80% or more organic ingredients,'' so we would like to introduce an example of our menu.
Organic pasta and organic tomato ketchup
Bolognese made with minced Tategamori Plateau pork
In addition to dishes such as handmade bread made using organic wheat grown in-house,
We offer over 20 types of organic herbal teas that change daily.

There is no time limit set for the buffet style, so please enjoy your time at your leisure.

Natural Food Restaurant Tills Junichi Ito

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