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Raw hormones and collagen

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Autumn has arrived.
Speaking of autumn, it means [autumn of appetite].

Two new items have been added to the meat section at the farm market.
Raw hormones [Teppo] and [Kobukuro].

It has a soy sauce-based flavor with a delicious aftertaste.
Personally, I love raw hormone [Teppo].
It's thick and the moment you bite into it, it gives off a sizzling taste that's different from meat, and you won't be able to resist it.
This is a recent favorite.

Collagen contained in hormones is a type of nutrient and protein.
It is an essential nutrient for various parts such as skin, hair, and bones.

If you feel like your skin is lackluster, try eating raw hormones.
You might get shiny skin.

Manufacturing and sales department
Minako Kikuchi

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