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To you who have no appetite due to summer fatigue

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You who are still suffering from summer fatigue.
This is not the time to say you have no appetite.
Delicious fall foods are already available.

Saury, bonito, pear, persimmon and grape. Autumn eggplant, taro, mushrooms.
If you don't have an appetite at this time of year, you'll lose.

So today, I would like to share some trivia about Kitakami's Futako Satoimo.
In the past, the Kitakami Futago area was hit by flooding several times due to flooding of the river, and a large amount of muddy water flowed into the fields, causing great damage.
Now, it has become the best soil for taro, and it seems that it has become possible to harvest taro with a strong stickiness that cannot be found anywhere else.

You have no appetite.

How about simmered Futako Satoimo with chicken, carrots, and konnyaku?
If you spend time feeling the season with food, your appetite will also come up.

It was "Tills" Miura who didn't know the summer fatigue.
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