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Autumn rises

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As is the case every year, the weather in this region changes dramatically after the Obon festival.

And since long ago, people have stopped going to the beach after Obon. This is because the waves get higher and dangerous jellyfish appear.
Therefore, you can only swim in the sea for a short period from July. I want to go to the sea as much as possible when summer comes. However, due to time constraints and weather conditions, the reality is that it is quite difficult.
It's less than an hour's drive from Sanriku Beach, but as a former kappa girl who grew up swimming in the clear waters of the Arakawa River every summer vacation, I always felt disappointed.

That's why I love Olympic swimming. I cheered them on enthusiastically.
I look forward to supporting the Paralympics starting tomorrow.

So here in Tategamori Kogen where the signs of autumn are drifting.
The flower garden at ARK Farm has also been redecorated with autumn flowers.

Yumemigaoka Garden and Nijinooka Garden are created by early morning work, from sowing seeds to raising seedlings, planting, and weeding.
Please join the arc walking course and enjoy it.

Changing the subject, I would like to talk a little bit about the activities of the Organic Fertilizer Center Wakaba, which is rarely seen by the general public.
The regular meeting of Wakabakai was held last week on the 20th (Friday).
Wakabakai is a gathering of users and related parties of organic fertilizers produced from young leaves. Regular meetings are held once a year to report on activities, exchange opinions, and hold study sessions.
I learned a lot from the seminars given by expert consultants.

(at Tategamori Kogen Hotel)
Organic Fertilizer Center Wakaba plays a very important role as the cornerstone of our recycling-oriented agriculture.

Shizu Hashimoto


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