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nice to meet you.

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nice to meet you.
My name is Tsuyoshi Iwasaki and I belong to the Manufacturing and Sales Department.
Thank you.

I used to work in the meat department of a supermarket for 20 years.
I joined the company on January 21st and am currently working on pork in the meat department of the manufacturing and sales department in the farm market.
To put it simply, the work I am in charge of is the commercialization and sales floor development of the meat section of the farm market, the molding of pork, and the shipping work such as online shopping.

First of all, regarding commercialization and sales floor development at the farm market, we are developing the sales floor according to the plan according to the season and event.
We also sell customized gifts that customers can freely choose from and easy-to-use vacuum packs.
We also respond to customer requests for commercialization and questions, so please feel free to contact us when you come.

* It will be the sales floor for the cold shabu project last weekend.

Pork molding is the process of removing unnecessary bones and fat for commercialization of pork.
At that time, the removed part is also sold as minced meat and leftover meat.

* Thigh meat as received before molding

*Thigh meat after molding

The shipping work of online shopping, etc. is the work of making the product according to the order and commercializing the weight and quantity, but I personally feel that this work is the most difficult.
Since customers cannot choose by looking at the products, it is important to meticulously commercialize each product.

It's simple, but it's the job I'm in charge of.

We will do our best to make our customers happy. Thank you.

Manufacturing and Sales Department Tsuyoshi Iwasaki

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