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Nice to meet you, everyone (o^-^o)
I'm Miwako Iwabuchi from the Marketing Department.
It's been 7 months since I joined the company, and today is my first blog update!
Because I love animals, plants and farms
Every day I work is a fun day ♪
The appearance and cries of cute animals, the beautiful flowers of each season,
The sunset you see on your way home from work has a different color every day depending on the weather and cloud conditions!

↑A baby red deer was born

In addition to the scenery, there are several fun things to do at the ranch,
One of them is shopping at the farm market.
The farm market has rare parts and products that you don't usually see,
I can't help but look into it...

Recently, I often buy "Pika".

After frying in a frying pan, put soy sauce and mirin in the rice cooker and switch on! and,
Soft and delicious as a side dish for rice or as a snack♥
Originally, I thought it would be boiled, but I'm a lazy person and I love using a rice cooker (n*´ω`*n)

I was surprised to see the skull, spine, and raw pork leg.
The skull and spine are simmered for a collagen-rich soup.
Raw pork leg is also a nice ingredient with plenty of collagen (^^♪
In the coming hot season, you can boil it and use vinegar miso for a refreshing taste.
Even simmered in a soy sauce-based sauce♪

"Kainomi" and "Lamp" are also not very familiar to my ears,
Both are parts of meat, kainomi is rib meat and rump is thigh meat.

Herb Festa will be held next month,
There are many products in the market that are not in the online shop, so
Although it is still necessary to refrain from corona misfortune
Please take measures against infectious diseases and come to Tategamori Ark Ranch once (^▽^)/

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