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Herb Barley Tea Can Arrangement

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Hydration recommended for the coming season!
I would like to tell you about an arrangement using empty cans of ARK Ranch's original herbal barley tea.

First, make a hole in the bottom of the can with a drill to create a passage for the water.
Paste a stencil sticker that is available at a general store such as a 100-yen shop.
Then, using a special liquid called decoupage, a paper napkin or something with a paper design is attached.
I applied a decoupage special top coat evenly to the decoupage parts, and set a succulent plant inside.

Please use your favorite design for the stencil stickers to be pasted and the items to be decoupage.
Of course, it can also be used as a simple holder for small items or as a pencil holder.
Ladies and gentlemen, please try it at home time.

Natural Food Restaurant Tills Satomi Kikuchi

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