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GW is also open and lively!

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The second GW has arrived without the new corona being over.
Due to the declaration of emergency last year, we couldn't come to our customers.
but! ! We are doing well this year ☆★

Rape blossoms and double cherry blossoms are in full bloom in the park.
The pansies and violas at Niji no Oka Garden are also very cute, so please take a look!
Spring was early this year, so it was almost time for tulips, so
If you are looking for tulips, hurry up! ! !

GW is usually very crowded, but this year it is off to a calm start.
We hope that our guests will be able to relax and enjoy themselves.
It's been a chilly day, so please come dressed warmly ^^*
Ice Cream Hall Kinomi also sells warm croquettes♪
We look forward to welcoming you and our lovely young staff! !

Marketing Department Utako Watanabe

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