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Today, May 1st (Sat) around 10:27, there was a big earthquake (magnitude 6.6 off the coast of Miyagi prefecture).
Are you all okay?
In Ichinoseki, where Tategamori Ark Ranch is located, a seismic intensity of 5 lower was recorded, and a seismic intensity of 3 was recorded in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
I just wish you all the best.

Well, spring has arrived, when animals and plants become more active on the ranch.
Last year, during the 2020 GW period, the park was closed in tears.
This year 2021, we are open while taking various measures.
Take a leisurely stroll and heal your mind and body.

Here in the Tokyo metropolitan area, we are introducing the products of this Tategamori Ark Ranch with a wonderful POP.
Handmade by the person in charge of the shop, it is a POP that feels very affectionate, so I will show it to everyone.
If you live nearby, you may be able to tell, "Oh, that's over there."
Thank you for always treating our products with care.
From now on, we will continue to deliver from Iwate to each restaurant for your healthy dining table.
Thank you for your continued support.

New products will be released on May 10th (Monday).
Please look forward to it as it is an epoch-making product that does not exist in the world.

Sales Department Kazuto Matsuura

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