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The fragrant wind garden is currently being prepared.

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We are proceeding with planting flowers, weeding, etc. at a rapid pace in preparation for the opening in April.
Maybe it's because there was a lot of snow and it was cold... overall growth is slower than usual.

This flower is the first to bloom in the garden.
Snowdrop Amaryllidaceae
This flower is famous in Europe as a flower that heralds the beginning of spring because it blooms in early spring.
Even when snow remains, the flower stems grow smoothly and the flowers bloom one by one.

And Christmas roses add color to the season when there are no flowers.

Christmas rose Ranunculaceae
In the garden, there are many varieties of flowers in bloom, including pink, white, red, yellow-green, and double blooms.

Colorful pansies and violas are also being planted.
The vitamin-colored yellow gave me energy and I planted them while fighting back pain (*^-^*)

We will continue to manage the garden carefully so that we can show you a gorgeous garden as soon as possible.

Katsue Oikawa, in charge of Kaoru Kaze Garden

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