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A new Ark feed has been delivered!

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This is Chiba from Ark Feed.
A new bulk truck (vehicle for transporting food) was delivered at the end of January.
This will be Arc Feed's third bulk vehicle following the full trailer.

This season had more snowfall than usual, so
The area around the Arc Feed factory is constantly covered in snow and frozen roads.
On the first day of operation, we had to put on chains in the morning, and it was a very exciting start on an unfamiliar truck.
Recently, there are fewer snowy days, and it is less common to drive on poor road conditions.
It's slowly starting to feel like winter is coming to an end.

In addition to delivering feed to farms, the new vehicle's duties include picking up raw materials for feed.
There is also work that has never been done before and travel on expressways.
Now more than ever, we will continue to work with safe driving and safe work as our top priority.

Arc Feed Ken Chiba

↓It's a shiny new car!

↓This is how raw materials are being loaded.

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