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After all, I will end up here!

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In Ichinoseki, I often hear people say, "I've never experienced such a heavy snow!" How are you all doing this winter?
This is Takagaki from the Marketing Department.

It's already been a year since I started working at Tategamori Ark Ranch.
In the meantime, I've been letting you know about "favorite products" on this blog...
I came here thinking that I wanted to play a supporting role that was not the standard one, but a little nicer.
After the end of the year, I came to the conclusion that "I can't avoid the royal road!"
That is... after all, "bone-in loin".
In 2020, we were in a state of "temporarily unable to accept orders" due to the gift season of mid-year and year-end gifts.
It is a flagship product of Tategamori Ark Ranch.
(I apologize for the inconvenience caused by that section.)

It's such a "bone-in loin", but it's quite difficult to get it in the most delicious state...
(We also hear such voices from our customers.)
Tategamori Ark Ranch also puts up a "how to bake" video on Youtube, but there are "tricks" that are not fully explained.
(I have been listening) I would like to talk to you.


The "trick" not in the video is...
First, prepare.
On the back side of the meat, cut the muscle (cut 4 or 5 parts of the fat) and
Coco makes a point "cut along the bone"
→ Insert the knife along the bone on the back side. The depth is about half the thickness.
This prevents the meat from curling up and cooks quickly and evenly.

Next, adjust the heat.
When baking, the basic "medium heat". Both the front and the back are "medium heat".
About 2 minutes each on the front and back.
However, the finish is high heat!

Other than that, the baking order.
First, the fat part (with the meat upright) is slowly cooked.
Next, cook the “surface” on “medium heat” for about 2 minutes.
In addition, cook the “back side” over medium heat for about 2 minutes.
Finally, press the "surface" firmly and cook on "high heat" for about 1 minute.

Hmmm...can you understand? ? ?
(I don't understand the letters...)

I will make a video after all.
please wait for a moment.

"Bone-in loin" is the best.
If you haven't yet, please give it a try.

Marketing Department Tsukasa Takagaki


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