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The heavy snow continues and the severe cold continues, but what about your area?
At ARK, the grounds of the stadium are still covered with snow, and the whole area remains completely white.
Wild animals roam around energetically even in this cold weather.
The image is the current onion field.
In the field of rape blossoms, I dug up the rape blossoms buried in the snow and ate them.
I'm taking measures, but it's every year, so I'm in trouble.
Is winter vegetables okay because the cold is tough this year? I thought.
Carrots and cabbage that I was worried about are growing up without losing to the cold.
Thanks to the harsh cold, carrots are getting sweeter and sweeter than usual, and they are getting more delicious than usual.
Cabbage is harvested from March to April, but it is slowly starting to grow.
Since it is grown in a house, please expect soft spring cabbage!

Naoki Miura, Agricultural Department

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