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nice to meet you!

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nice to meet you!
My name is Shifune Hoshiba, and I joined the Pig Farming Division in April of this year.

I love animals, since I was in elementary school
My dream was to take care of animals on a farm.

So I am very happy to be able to interact with cute pigs every day!
When I meet the eyes of mother pigs and piglets during work, I naturally smile.
(The round eyes are so cute!)
Sometimes I talk to pigs that are not feeling well or that don't want to eat (laughs).

Since I was assigned to the Pig Farming Division, every day has passed in a blink of an eye.
Before you know it, 2020 is already a month away.

I take care of mother pigs and piglets every day.
I can do more things than in April, think with my own head,
I feel like I'm starting to understand little by little what I should do for the pigs.

However, I am still far from my seniors,
It took a long time to complete one task, and there was an oversight.
Every day I am keenly aware that I am still immature.

There will be a junior in about 4 months.
In order to become a respectable senior, think with your own head, make mistakes,
I would like to grow while being helped by my peers and seniors!

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