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We will open a store in Fujisawa Town Kinomi Light Truck City!

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Hello everyone, to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection this year, a lot of
The event has been canceled, but following the Fujisawa Commerce and Industry Product Exhibition, Fujisawa Kinomi will be held again this year.
A light truck market will be held.

Date November 15th (Sun)
Location: Parking lot in front of Fujisawa Civic Center Kokai Annex
Time 10:00-13:00

Vegetables from local farmers and local companies open stalls and are crowded every year!

Of course, Tategamori Ark Ranch will also open a store.
We will sell the popular freshly baked BBQ sausage for 350 yen.
Please come and visit us.

The landmark is this kitchen car.

Manufacturing and sales department
Shuji Terui

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