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Fruitful autumn for animals.

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Autumn is deepening, and it's getting colder and colder in the morning and at night.

Are you feeling unwell?

Speaking of autumn, it's a fruitful autumn!

Sweet potatoes, chestnuts, and pumpkins are my favorite foods, and fruits such as grapes and apples are also delicious.

It seems that not only people but also animals were looking forward to autumn.

At the deer farm next to the animal breeding house, red deer can be found in the corner of the pasture on the road side.

"What are you doing? What are you looking for?"

If you think about it, what are you looking for?"Yamanashi"was.

There is a big Japanese pear tree growing along the road near the entrance of the parking lot.

This year is also a bountiful harvest!

The red deer waited for the fruit to naturally fall and roll into the pasture.

I put some fruit on the outside of the pasture and called it, and some of them came to me.


It looks like I'm skillfully carrying it to my mouth from my hand and stuffing my cheeks.


I ate it with my mouth full and it looked delicious.

"It looks delicious...I want to eat it too."
And I'm waiting for my turn lol.

The size of the fruit of Yamanashi is about 3cm to 8cm, which is much smaller than that of a common pear.
The texture is crisp and has a pear flavor, but it is less sweet and has a bit of astringency.

Even if people don't think it's very delicious to eat (I like it), it seems to have become a good snack for the deer (^-^)

It will be cold from now on, so I would like the deer to eat plenty of food and wear their fat coats.

Department of Agriculture and Stock Animal Management
Sugawara Ayumi


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