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nice to meet you!

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nice to meet you!
This is Miki Yamada from Fujisawa Farm, Pig Farming Division, who joined this year!

When I was a university student, I worked with cows and sheep, but this is my first time working with pigs, so every day is a new experience.
This time I will write about my hobby.

My hobby is photography, which started when I was a university student.
My motive for starting the club was the mundane one: "My friend is going to join the photography club, so I'm going with him."
However, once I started taking pictures, it became fun and I immediately bought a SLR camera.
I would like to see some seasonal photos here.

It is the morning glow of Tsutanuma in Aomori Prefecture, where I lived when I was a university student.
Reflected on the surface of the water, it becomes a very beautiful scenery.

In the future, I would like to go to Iwate Prefecture, Tohoku, and various other places in Japan to take photos.
At Tategamori Ark Ranch, I took pictures like the two below!
It's a place where you can take a lot of wonderful pictures, so please come and take it! !

Miki Yamada, Fujisawa Farm, Pig Farming Division


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