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Guidance of Takashimaya Kashiwa store special event exhibition

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Hello! My name is Sasaki from the Tokyo Sales Office.
Since the beginning of August, it has been extremely hot every day across the country.

In addition to measures against the heat,
Regarding masks to prevent coronavirus, depending on the heat, 
While making efforts such as changing the material,
We are conducting business activities.

Now, due to the recent situation at the Tokyo office,
Although we have refrained from holding special events,
September: At Takashimaya Kashiwa store's [Oi Wate Exhibition]
We will have a stall at the event! !  

■ Daiwate Exhibition
Store: Takashimaya Kashiwa Store, 2nd basement floor event hall
Period: Wednesday, September 16, 2020 – Tuesday, September 22, 2020
 *Subject to Takashimaya's business hours.

New products are mini frankfurters [Japanese style] and pork meatballs.
We have special event limited items and very popular items! !
I, Sasaki, will be looking forward to your visit on the day.

I kindly thank you.

Tokyo Sales Office Koudai Sasaki

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