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Activities at the Tokyo Sales Office

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This is Teppei Matsubara from the Tokyo Sales Office.

This time, I would like to talk about the current status of activities at the Tokyo office.
Due to the new coronavirus that has raged all over the world
A state of emergency has been declared in Tokyo.

Our job as a sales person is to follow up by visiting stores.
We visit the headquarters of our business partners and hold business negotiations.

Under these circumstances, it is difficult to meet in person.
We made full use of telework and web business negotiations.
If you can't talk directly, it's difficult to convey your enthusiasm and emotions.
Personally, I struggled.
Everyone has the same conditions, so it's time to reconsider yourself.
You need to do some self-reflection so that you can use it in the future.

Now, in June, the state of emergency has been lifted, so
People are slowly returning to the downtown area.
Shinbashi, where our office is located, is also crowded with people drinking alcohol.
Little by little, things seem to be returning to normal.

Most stores remain open and remain on high alert.

I always wore a mask as a precaution.
More than anything, managing your health is important!

Eating and sleeping are the best!

In fact, I eat a lot of pork.
It's like your body naturally wants it. .
Thanks to this, I feel more energetic and come to work in the morning with great energy!

I'm looking forward to receiving the regular Tategamori Kogen Pig Club this week.

It's convenient because you can have it delivered to your home without having to go out to buy it.
Recommended for those who are busy♪
The shoulder roast is my favorite!

Tokyo Office Teppei Matsubara

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