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Strong like wheat (Weeding wheat fields)

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How are you all doing in Reishun?

Here at Tategamori Ark Farm in Iwate Prefecture, the brown earth has turned green with wheat sprouting.
We grow this domestic wheat organically, without using any pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

You can use this wheat from your own farm to bake bread, make dough for pork buns, and even make dough for shumai using only salt and wheat.
It's made with

In order to do that, you can't produce good wheat unless you take the time to grow it.
Soil that is good for wheat is also a paradise for weeds.
From here on, it's a competition with weeds.
Weeds grow faster than wheat, and they continue to grow no matter how much you remove them.
Usually, everyone in our agriculture and livestock department grows them, but this time we can't keep up with the weed control.
For this reason, everyone from other departments at the farm come together to support the weeding in the early morning, an hour before the start of work.
"Food is life"
We value soil from the ground up. People working in different departments and doing different jobs,
Once a year, we all work together to touch the soil and remember that we are nurtured by this earth.

This year, in consideration of the global spread of the new coronavirus, everyone is working apart to avoid weeding in close quarters.

I hope that this year's wheat will grow well and not succumb to the weeds.

Last but not least, a state of emergency was declared in Japan on April 7th (Tuesday) due to the new coronavirus.
To everyone who has been infected, I hope you get well soon.
Although the world is in a difficult situation, I would like to stay strong and look up towards the sky like wheat.
We sincerely wish everyone good health.

Ranch Division
Sales Department Kazuto Matsuura


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