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Walk a lot and stay healthy! ! "Ark Walking" is being held

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The event is currently being held! !
Would you like to work up a pleasant sweat while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the ranch?

This winter is a very recommended climate for taking a walk in the warm sunshine.
The flowers in the ranch are blooming witch hazel.

<witch hazel>Deciduous small tree of the witch hazel family
Flowers bloom before the leaves. 2 to 4 individuals gather together and bloom, and the elongated petals are characteristic.
The rare orange witch hazel is also blooming in the ranch.

In mid-March, we recommend the forest of Japanese cornels that shines golden.

The place where you can see this superb view is near Wanpaku Square in the ranch.
<Sansuyu>Deciduous small tree of Cornaceae
As for the flowers, about 30 yellow florets gather together and form a small inflorescence (umbel) with a diameter of about 2 to 3 cm.
In autumn, it bears red berries that are used as herbal medicines.

Don't just take a walk, there are quizzes at the stops (7 places) of the tour bus in the ranch, so please try it! !
There are some answers that you can't understand unless you look closely at the ranch ♪
But don't worry! ! ! ! It's a 3-choice question, so it's okay to leave it to luck \(^o^)/
                                                                                                                Katsue Oikawa, Agricultural Department

About ArkwalkingFor details ofhere


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