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Spring is almost here! Yakiniku season is almost here! !

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According to the calendar, ``spring'' has passed after the first day of spring on February 4th.

At the earliest, we will be entering the second half of February.

Recently, the temperature has fluctuated wildly and it has been difficult to manage my health.

It was a winter with little snow, but it may be back to midwinter! ...There may be days like that.

Sanitary products such as masks are still in short supply.

Please be careful of your health.

Since it was a warm winter with little snow, the chances of ``nabe'' appearing on the dinner table at home were low.

My family loves hotpot menus (especially Tategamori Kogen pork shabu-shabu)...

I think there was more yakiniku...

I feel like that (lol)

Grilled Tategamori Plateau pork offal...

Tategamori Kogen pork steak, etc.

Image from Tategamori Ark Farm online shop

It was a delicious winter even if it wasn't a hotpot.

The most popular one was...

Yakiniku with Tategamori Plateau Pork Toro and Tategamori Ark Farm Herb Salt!


I would like you to try this at least once.

The Tategamori Plateau pork for Toro Yakiniku is extremely rare, and only about 2 palm-sized portions from the neck to the cheeks can be obtained from one pig.

The yakiniku combination of ``fatty pork'' with the unique sweetness and fatty texture of Tategamori Plateau pork and ``herb salt'' is a delicious dish.

The other day, I asked my mother, who has never eaten pork belly, to try it...

He was very happy.

I'm very happy.

Because it is a rare part, it is not often displayed at farm market stores, but if you see it, be sure to buy it!

Combine with herb salt!

I recommend it with confidence.

Tomorrow, February 19th, about two weeks after the first day of spring, is ``Rain Water'', one of the 24 solar terms.

Literally, it means "rain" and "water", and it means that the falling snow turns into rain, and the snow that had piled up and the ice on the pond melted and turned into water.

In the past, I used to say, ``Okay! Let's start farming! ” was considered a guideline.

It is also one of the 72 lords, ``Tsuno Junki''.

What is “Tsuchinoshouruoiokoru”?

This is the time when the falling snow turns into warm spring rain, moisturizing the earth, and the cold weather eases, meaning that even the animals that were sleeping soundly wake up.


"It is spring!

It's my second year at the company, and I'm really looking forward to spring at Tategamori Ark Farm.

All of our staff are looking forward to your visit.

Please come and visit Tategamori Ark Farm.

Please be careful on the way...

We'll be waiting for your visit sincerely.

Thank you for reading to the end.

Manufacturing Sales Department Toshihiro Kamoda

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