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Winter baby rush!

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The baby rush of the sheep has started again this year!

I have been giving birth almost every day since the end of last month.

The gestation period for sheep is approximately five months, and in winter, mother sheep with large bellies move into warm sheds to prepare for giving birth.

Usually one or two children are born, but in rare cases, three children are born.

Triplets born 3 days ago.
One of the three puppies is very small and I'm worried, so I check every morning and evening to make sure she's getting enough milk.
(If she doesn't seem to be drinking, I'll put her nipple in my mouth and let her drink.)

The lamb that was born first is about to reach 10kg.
They are bouncing around energetically in the group.

It looks like this child will be able to join the group soon.
(If the mother's face is whitish, the child's face is often also whitish, so it's easy to tell who the parent and child are ^^)

Also, the guinea pig that was living temporarily under the desk in the staff room during the winter gave birth two days ago, just when I thought her belly was getting bigger.

What a quintuplet Σ(・□・;)

Baby guinea pigs have a full coat of fur from the time they are born, and they emerge as a miniature version of an adult mole, so they are very cute!


With slow steps, it clings to the mother mole, sometimes in front of it and sometimes behind it.

It's still cold, but I feel like I'll be able to get through this winter because I've been energized by the mothers who are working hard and their cute children!

Agriculture and Livestock Department Animal Management Ayumi Sugawara


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