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A year has passed since I joined the company.

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This is terui from the manufacturing and sales department.

A year has already passed since I joined the company.
I was able to work with the support of not only the employees of Ark Co., Ltd., but also of our business partners and customers.
I think it was a year that led to my self-confidence.
This year, I aim to grow even further, and I want to give back to everyone who taught me last year.
I would like to do my best.

Currently, the natural food restaurant Tills is working towards organic food JAS certification.
Until now, we have been producing organic farm-grown vegetables, Tategamori Kogen pork, and old-fashioned eggs, all of which are additive-free, safe and secure.
We have been providing food, but we will continue to promote initiatives that are more environmentally friendly and safer.
I would like to spread the philosophy of ARK Co., Ltd., "Food is life."

We are looking forward to your visit.


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