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Speaking of winter fungi.

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It was a cold and cold morning again this morning.
It's a very calm and sunny day.
Since it was Sunday, we went to Tategamori Ark Ranch for a lot of shopping and dining.
It looks like they are having fun.
Thank you to all the customers who have almost snow this year.
Even if it's cold, bacteria such as food poisoning, colds, and viruses that occur only when it's cold
I think everyone is also careful.

Therefore, I am practicing [bacteria activity, intestinal activity] to prevent bacteria with bacteria.
Speaking of bacteria, mushrooms are fungi, and yogurt is lactic acid bacteria.
Mushrooms are an indispensable ingredient because we often cook hot pot during the cold season.
My recommendation is the kimchi hot pot. Kimchi is also a lactic acid bacterium, so it's good for your body.
A pot is convenient!
Thanks to all of you, I would like to spend this year without a cold.
Take care of your health
Have a good year.

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Minako Kikuchi

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