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New initiatives from this year

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Happy new year

This is tamura from the agricultural department.

Cultivation of wine grapes on the farm, which we have been making preparations for last year, will finally begin.

This project is a new initiative for our group going forward, and with the cooperation of many people, we are finally getting started.

First of all, as an initiative for 2020, we will introduce

First, we will plant 700 Chardonnay seedlings in a nearby field.

Preparation and management of the field will be carried out mainly by the Agriculture and Livestock Department and the NPO Tila Farm.

Starting in January, we will start by making fields.

After picking up rocks in the field, making culverts, and fertilizing, we will proceed with making trellises in March, with the aim of planting in April.

I don't think this business will see the light of day until 10 or 20 years from now, but we will build on the corporate philosophy that we have cherished up until now and move forward with the goal of becoming a new pillar of our business. I hope you look forward to it.

Agricultural Department Toru Tamura

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