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Ark product recipes recommended by staff [I want to eat with my family on New Year's Day]

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Merry Christmas!

I hope Santa came to your house...

At Ark Ranch, Santa will give everyone a Christmas cake❕
I received.
This is very encouraging during this busy season.
Thank you, Santa.

Recommended recipes for when Christmas is over and you are worried about entertaining and feasting for the New Year holidays
I would like to introduce you. (Taught by Restaurant Tills staff)

``Joyanabe'' is made with shabu-shabu pork and is full of vegetables.

[Materials] (For 3-4 people)
・Spinach...500g (about 3 bunches)
・For pork shabu-shabu・・300g to 400g
・Tofu...1 block ・Shiitake mushrooms...about 6 pieces
a.Water...1200ml ・Alcohol...200ml
・Kombu...1 piece of 10cm
b. Ponzu sauce ・Grated maple ・All-purpose green onion...appropriate amount ・bonito flakes
[How to make]

  • Cut the spinach into 10cm long pieces, and cut the tofu and shiitake mushrooms into easy-to-eat pieces.
  • Put water and kelp in a pot, let it sit for 30 minutes, then heat it up, remove the stock, and add sake.
  • When ② is hot, add the meat and vegetables and serve with ponzu sauce. Chili pepper to taste

Serve with grated daikon radish, shaved bonito flakes, and green onions.

*The dashi soup contains alcohol, so it warms your body. Perfect for the cold season.
Spinach and pork go well together and help each other absorb nutrients.
It is highly nutritious and boosts immunity, making it effective in preventing colds.

Please try it.

I hope that next year will be a good and healthy one! !

Sales Department Tamae Abe

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