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Since last year, our company has introduced and implemented a full-fledged approach to internships for university students.
I did it for 2 days until yesterday. The content is mainly based on hands-on experience.
It is held four times in summer and winter.

In other words, we are already in full-scale recruitment activities for students who will join the company in April of the year after next.

In recent years, recruitment activities tend to move faster year by year, and our company is desperate to keep up with that trend (laughs).

The important thing is to get as many students as possible to know that there is a company in Iwate that is desperately trying to convey the appeal of agriculture with a recycling model like ours. is.

Our company puts a lot of effort into recruiting activities, but there are still many students in the world who do not know about our company.

It is important to accumulate our recruitment activities, which are gradually bearing fruit.

In the future, I would like to continue to cooperate with the company so that we can open the doors to more students.
Tomoatsu Hashimoto

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