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Perfect for a fun “Christmas party”

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It's already the second half of November, and there's only one month left in 2019.
Speaking of December, it's Christmas.
It may be a little early, but
Many people, including families, friends, and couples, may have already made their Christmas plans.
We exchanged gifts, ate delicious cakes and feasts...
It's a day where you can make lots of fun memories.

So I started thinking about where I spent Christmas last year.
I was in the hospital (it was my last Christmas in my 20s).
We haven't decided on any plans for Christmas this year yet.
I want to have fun this year!

Well, this time we will introduce products that are perfect for such a Christmas party.

[Additive-free Knochenshinken]

Tategamori Kogen pork thigh meat is smoked and aged whole with the bone attached.
It is a proud dish with a moist texture and a juicier texture that becomes more enjoyable the more you chew.

Order by December 15th to ensure delivery in time for Christmas.

What makes it “perfect for parties” is its size and quantity.

We recommend eating with around 10 people.
It's a whole thigh, so it's really big.
As a result, it can also become an eye-catching ``centerpiece'' dish at parties where a large number of people gather.
Slice the meat using a knife, scraping the surface, and place on a plate.

Also goes well with wine

You can enjoy it as is, moist and delicious.
It's also delicious with mustard or mayonnaise.
If you have any leftover, you can use it in stir-fries.

Because it takes time to manufacture, it may take some time from the time you place your order until it is delivered.
Please place your order as soon as possible.
We also accept orders for Christmas parties, so please be sure to specify a delivery date.

Sales Department Yukako Shinohara

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