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Thank you very much for visiting us in 2019.

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Winter has passed, and it's getting cold in the mornings and evenings, but how are you doing?

This year, in 2019, many business partners also visited our company.
In the south, we had visitors from Kyushu, Miyazaki Prefecture, and Kumamoto Prefecture.

<For those who visited us in 2019>
・ 4/23 (Tue.) JR East Tohoku General Service
・ 5/17 (Friday) Yazawa New Products
・ 5/22 (Wed) Mr. Kishima
・ 5/24 (Fri) HOLY
・ 6/27 (Thursday) Takashimaya Farm
・ 7/7 (Sun) Kyoto Takashimaya
・ 7/10 (Wed.) JTB Publishing
・ 8/13 (Tue.) JR East Tohoku General Service
・10/8 (Tue) Maruoka
・10/16 (Wed.) Mitsukoshi Isetan MI Food Style
・10/22 (Tue) U-Mart Tokunaga
Mr. Saint-Cyr Sano, Mr. Maruesu
・10/23 (Wed) Pal System, Pal Meat

Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come all the way here.
It is a great honor to be able to meet you all.
I would appreciate it if you could do a long-lasting deal from now on.

With the idea that "food is life",
From here at Tategamori Ark Ranch, we deliver safe, secure, and delicious food to customers all over the country.
If you are nearby, please feel free to use it.

autumn flower cosmos

Hops from Iwate Prefecture (*Not cultivated at Tategamori Ark Ranch.)

It's getting colder and colder.
Please take care of yourself so you don't catch a cold.

We are waiting for you at the ranch with warm and delicious food.

Ranch Division Sales Department
Kazuto Matsuura


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