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It's Premier Cru season!

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Hello. This is Oka from the West Japan Sales Office.

It's October, isn't it?
Appetite rises in inverse proportion to fewer hot days. There are many delicious things.
The other day, I got my first return bonito of the year. I'll take it with just salt.
At Haedomari in Yamaguchi, there was the first puffer fish auction. Fuguchiri to Tessa. It's hot season.

There were many swallows perched on electric wires in the neighborhood of Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture, where our office is located.
It's finally the season to go south. I guess this area is just a road. You can see them every year around this time.

        Swallows can be seen here and there on the wires.

Another recent topic is the Suifuyo flower blooming in the garden.
It blooms for only one day, and the color of the flower changes within a day. White in the morning, pink in the daytime, red at night.
When the petals are spread out, the flowers are large and dignified.

Morning Suifyou Daytime Suifyou

"Tategamori Highlands Pork Premier Cru", which will be shipped and sold from October, will soon be available.
The number of fans is increasing year by year, and there are even inquiries about when it will go on sale.
It has a nut-like aroma, lean meat is delicious, and, like Tategamori Kogen pork, it is not greasy.
The mail order will be delivered in October, so please check the taste.
Also, please inquire at shops that handle Tategamori Kogen Pork nationwide, including Tokyo.
There are shops that sell them and shops that cannot sell them this time (because there are only 20 of them).

The white dots are Premier Cru

Let's have delicious things and ingredients that make our bodies happy!

Sales Department West Japan Sales Office
Hirotaka Oka

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