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Straw straw with great response

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・This year again, straws made of pesticide-free wheat will be available, and will be presented to the first 20 people from September 1st.
When it was implemented, many customers who saw it through Tategamori Tsushin and various media
I received an inquiry.
Customers in their 80s in Morioka City,
“It reminds me of my childhood and I really want to let my grandchildren who come home use it.”
Also, from a customer who runs a natural food cafe,
“I was deeply moved by the efforts of straw straws and would like to purchase them.”
In addition, we received many voices.
Straw straws are manually harvested, cleaned, cut, sterilized by boiling, and dried.
Unfortunately, we do not sell it, but we use it at the natural food restaurant Tills, so please feel free to contact us.
Please come and visit us.

The photo is "Mint and Lemon Love" offered for a limited time at the natural food restaurant Tills.
Add lots of Ark Ranch freshly picked spearmint, apple mint and lemon verbena
A non-alcoholic mojito made with house lemons delivered directly from Kochi Prefecture.

Natural Food Restaurant Tills Shuji Terui

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