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Introduction of horseshoe-shaped Frankfurt sausage!!

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It's like autumn, and it's cold if you don't wear long sleeves in the morning and evening.
Well, today, horseshoe-shaped frankfurter sausage
I would like to introduce a little about it.
A horseshoe literally means the shape of a horse's hoof.
In some parts of the West, it is used as an amulet
that's right.
The dough inside the horseshoe-shaped frankfurter sausage is
Together with the mini wieners made at the ham workshop.
Stuffed in pig intestines, cut off both ends and hold it in your hands, round and round
Turn it, match the ends and tie with a string.
Repeated work of stuffing and cutting, stuffing and cutting,
Dry to make it easy to smoke, smoke,
It will be completed by adding heat.
If it is an ordinary sausage, we use a machine and measure it in grams.
It can be stuffed with intestines, but horseshoe-shaped frankfurter sausages are
It's all done by hand, and it's finally completed.
Sell at the farm market for 734 yen including tax
Please enjoy it once.
Beer and wine are a perfect match! !

Farm Market Atsunori Onodera

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