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Kaoru Kaze Garden Newsletter "Mexican Bush Sage (Salvia leucantha)" has begun to bloom! !

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The lingering summer heat is severe, and autumn may not come? ? ? ?
When I thought that, the sun set earlier and I could feel the cold in the morning and evening.
Fall has arrived! !

Garden management in the evening feels good, and when I work silently, the sun is about to set behind the mountains! ?
The days of rushing to finish work for the day continue (*^-^*)

In the fragrant wind garden, I introduced it a long time ago"Mexican Bush Sage"but
Flowering at last. It will be colorful from now on♪

Mexican bush sage alley

Because it is difficult to overwinter in Tategamori, all the stocks are dug up and spent the winter in a heated house, and then in the spring.
When it grows, it is repeatedly planted.
If it blooms safely, the effort of the past year will be rewarded.

I just hope it doesn't rain...
With the volume of flowers, it can be broken and messy! !

The rare pink Mexican bush sage is also starting to bloom.
The contrast between the white calyx and the pink flowers is wonderful☆

The season when flowers are less.
We recommend Mexican bush sage that will brighten up your garden.

We will be moving to the house in November, so please come early.

Katsue Oikawa, in charge of the fragrant wind garden


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