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Today's 1DAY Farmers Tour

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Today, the 4th 1DAY Farmers Tour of this year was held.
The highlight this time was making stone oven pizza, bath bouquets, and herbal soap.

We all started by building a pizza oven.
With the blueprint in hand, we begin assembling the refractory bricks.

Making a bath bouquet.
I learned about various benefits and effects.

We have created a wonderful herbal soap!
This father's bath time today looks relaxing.

Harvest vegetables to use as ingredients for pizza.
After hearing about organic, pesticide-free cultivation, I realized that although it takes time and effort, it is possible to produce delicious and safe vegetables.

After that, make pizza using the vegetables you harvested!
The colors are beautiful!

After finishing the toppings, bake your own pizza!
This was the mother's first time baking pizza in a stone oven, but she skillfully rotated it to give it a nice brown color.

And we all had pizza!
People everywhere were shouting "It's delicious!!"!

Build your own kiln, get your own ingredients, cook and eat your own food.
The sense of fulfillment and accomplishment that is different from eating at home or at a restaurant probably adds to the deliciousness.
It was a nice day, blessed with good weather.

This year's 1DAY Farmers Tour is still scheduled to be held twice on September 28th and October 19th.
If you are interested, please join us.
We'll be expecting you.

Agricultural Department Takumi Makino


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