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Future Arc Staff! ?

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This summer, Arc Group held an internship (work experience learning) for students who will be looking for jobs next year.
Among the students who participated, there were students who had studied agriculture as a specialty, and conversely, there were students who had no experience in agriculture. However, the number of students who participated has increased compared to last year, and I feel that they are showing even the slightest interest in Ark Group.

The work involved pig farming and farming.
In agriculture and livestock farming, participants collected eggs from chickens and weeded flower fields.

Although the work was done on a hot day, I think the students were able to get a feel for the meaning of the work they were doing.
I hope that the participants will make use of this experience in their job hunting, and that there will be even a few participants who would like to work for the ARC Group.

We would like to thank the students who participated in this internship for their hard work.

Makoto Chiba

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