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“Iwate Momme-Mon Grand Prix 2019” (sponsored by: Iwate Prefecture) was held on August 24th, and 28 items from 28 companies in the prefecture were entered.

Tategamori Ark Farm will be exhibiting ``Lavender Pound Cake.''

We have been working on commercializing this product since last year, and the product itself has already been completed, leaving us only at the stage of deciding on the packaging.

Product features include organic JAS wheat grown on the farm and free-range fertilized eggs, as well as lavender buds grown on the farm's vast land and lavender honey collected during the lavender blooming season. .

In manufacturing, we have achieved a moist feel by thoroughly controlling the temperature when making the dough.

As a result, we received the ``Excellence Award'', which was the runner-up prize.

We will do our best to use this award as a springboard for further product development.

The new product “Lavender Pound Cake” will be on sale soon, so please look forward to it!

Ranch Division Tamura

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