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My name is Manami Saito and I joined the company on April 1st.

Born and raised in Ichinoseki. I love Ichinoseki, which is neither too rural nor too urban.
I would like to continue living in Ichinoseki from now on!

I became interested in agriculture when I was in high school, and studied mainly about vegetables throughout high school and junior college.
During my student life, I have many opportunities to sell the crops I have grown face-to-face, and I feel that the crops I have grown with great care will bring a smile to someone's face.
That joy is what made me want to pursue agriculture as a career.
I also want to contribute to the agriculture of Ichinoseki, which I love. We want people to smile through agriculture.
With that in mind, I joined Ark Farm.

Currently, I am taking care of mother pigs and piglets in the farrowing shed at Hanaizumi Farm, Pig Farming Division.
I'm still struggling with a lot of things I don't understand and things that aren't going well, but I'll do my best to get closer to my seniors as quickly as possible.
Thank you very much!

The piglet is so hot!

Pig Farming Division Hanaizumi Farm Manami Saito

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