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Today's 1DAY farmer's tour

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The intense heat continues, but how are you all doing?

Today, the third 1-DAY Farmers Tour of the year was held at Ark Ranch!

This time's event included a variety of events that would be difficult to do at home, such as harvesting pesticide-free vegetables at a farm, making tableware using green bamboo, BBQ, and watermelon splitting.

I think it was a refreshing event for the children, who usually don't get to touch the soil in the fields or harvest vegetables from the fields...!

It seems that the most exciting part of this 1-DAY Farmers Tour was the "watermelon split".

Not only the children but also their parents seemed to really enjoy the watermelon split!

Since I became an adult, I haven't had the opportunity to split watermelon anymore, so I thought I'd like to join in the fun (lol)

It was a day where I felt that planning a 1-DAY Farmers Tour that not only children but also adults could enjoy was very attractive.

The next 1-day farmers tour will include crafts using herbs and pizza baking in a stone oven.

Would you like to have fun learning in the great nature of the ranch?

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