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Obon from tomorrow

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Hello. Good morning.
The calendar has entered autumn, but the heat is still to come.

It's obon from tomorrow. I think there are a lot of people who are going back to their parent s ' house.
I think there are various ways to welcome the Obon festival in each region.
In Hiroshima, where the West Japan Office is located, Bon lanterns are displayed at the temples of the Aki followers of the Jodo Shinshu sect.
It is sold everywhere, including mass retailers, supermarkets, and nationwide chain convenience stores.

I went to Kochi Prefecture yesterday, and I was introduced to Seiryoma at a supermarket.
It is mainly in eastern Japan that this spirit horse is made and offered during the Obon period. It is also from Hokuriku to Tohoku.
It is a custom that is not very familiar in western Japan.

The eggplant is the cow and the cucumber is the horse. The role of welcoming and sending ancestors.

If you have come back to your hometown for Obon, please come to Tategamori Ark Ranch.
For those who spend their days in the woods of buildings, take this opportunity to experience the power of living and growing up surrounded by greenery and animals.
Feel it!

It seems that a typhoon will hit western Japan directly during Obon.
May you pass quietly and gently. .

West Japan Sales Office
Hirotaka Oka

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