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Fujisawa Jomon Field Burning Festival

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Yesterday and today, the annual Jomon Yayaki Festival in Fujisawa Town was held.

Clay works were brought in from all over the country and baked overnight last night.

There is a main kiln and around 10 other kilns set up around it, and officials from each local government brag in the heat to burn wood and create a spectacular fire festival.

While many local shops set up tents, around 20 employees at Ark Farm also participated in the event to liven up the festival and enjoy the festival, selling popular grilled sausages and various drinks.

Hearing the energetic call, a long line always formed in front of the tent, creating great excitement.

On the 12th, the baked works will be lined up, and a selection and award ceremony will be held by ceramic experts and celebrities.

As it happens every year, there are some amazing masterpieces lined up!

As a local company, our company will also be selected for the Tategamori Arc Award. Every year, we take pains to select the best entries. I'm looking forward to the hard work this year as well.

Once the Noyaki Festival is over, it's finally time for Obon.

Shizu Hashimoto

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