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hot summer for animals

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It's been hot every day, isn't it?

It's so hot that I don't want to go outside during the day when the sun is strong...

It's the same with animals.

Sheep and ponies are rarely seen outside during the hot days, and are often kept inside their sheds.

They are active in the evening when it cools down.

In the cool mornings and evenings, when you enter the park and see Momiji Mountain on the left side of the road,

Mokomokomogumogu and sheep eating grass that could not be eaten during the day.

I want to check the number of animals, but if the timing is not right, there will be no animals in the shed, so I'm a little troubled...(-_-;)

Sheep weeding on Momiji Mountain

Sheep moving along Momijiyama Road

Male sheep Joey resting in the shade in front of the herb house

Ayumi Sugawara, Animal Care Department, Agriculture and Livestock Department

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