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Hello everyone.
Today is the rainy season, but
I would like to tell you a simple and delicious story.

Herbs harvested at Tategamori Ark Ranch are combined with rock salt.
Introducing "herb salt" exclusively for Tategamori Kogen pork.

<Ingredients> Rock salt, spices,
Herbs from Tategamori Ark Ranch
(oregano rosemary thyme sage)
4 types of herbs are exquisitely blended.

Of course for meat
Place a fried egg on the bread and toast it.
Sprinkle an appropriate amount of heart salt on top of it and it's done!
It's an irresistible scent for herb lovers.
Try it!!

*The photo shows butter tops and twin eggs sold at the farm market,
We use herb mayonnaise and herb salt.

                                                                     Tategamori Farm Market Minako Kikuchi

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